The head and founder of Xiaomi may be associated with the Chinese giant of mining

Chapter Xiaomi Lei Jun - a very rich man and respected businessman. In 2014 he was awarded the title of a businessman, in Forbes, and a year later there took place 87 Forbes as the owner of a personal fortune of 13, 2 billion dollars. His company manufactures a variety of modern gadgets, known not only in China, but also far beyond. And judging by the recently published documents, and more June is related to the largest manufacturer Bitmain mayningovogo equipment.

The head and founder of Xiaomi may be associated with the Chinese giant of mining

Previously, the network has a huge amount of data, which was published later in Paradise Pappers on the results of the investigation conducted by the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Having received an array of data from an unnamed source, the newspaper gave him international consortium of journalists and anti-corruption Center. After analyzing the data set weight of 1, 4 TB, and more than 13 million documents on the owners of offshore companies, they found that two offshore companies Jun's, Colorful Mi Ltd and Red Better Ltd, connected with the holding Beijing Changtong Wuxian Consulting Company, which is directly controlled by the Head Bitmain Cihan Wu.

Billionaire Lei Jun had not showed any interest in cryptocurrency and investigation "paradise papers" declined to comment.

Bitmain is only a couple of months ago, raises $ 50 million from unnamed investors. Recall, the company has been and remains the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for mining.

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