From the cosmodrome "East" launched a rocket "Soyuz-2.1b" with 19 satellites

Roscosmos said that the carrier rocket launch was held in the normal mode, then head of the rocket separated from the third stage at the scheduled time. The rocket carried into space satellite "Meteor-M" number 2-1 and 18 passing load devices.

From the cosmodrome

The main load of the rocket was "Meteor-M" number 2-1, the device space complex "Meteor-3M", designed to "VNIIEM" corporation. Its weight is 2, 9 tons. The unit will operate in orbit for the next five years, where he will collect the operational hydrometeorological information for weather forecasting, monitoring of the ozone layer and radiation environment in near-Earth space. Moreover, after reaching the target orbit, it must monitor the sea surface and to monitor the state of ice with a height of about 820 kilometers. According to calculations, the satellite "Meteor-M" had to be separated at 9:32 MSK, and begin transmitting telemetry, but this has not happened yet. In addition to the "Meteor" in orbit went another 18 small satellites, including the Russian "Baumanets-2", the Canadian LEO Vantage, Norwegian AISSat-Z, a Japanese IDEA, the Swedish satellite SEAM, two American Landmapper-BC device 10 LEMUR satellites also belong to the United States and another German D-Star one.

The last of the satellites to be launched into orbit around 12:54 Moscow time, after which the booster unit enters the planet's atmosphere and burn up. All that remains of it, will sink into the Pacific Ocean about 14 pm MSK.

This launch was the second in the history of the start of the launch vehicle, executed with the new cosmodrome "East". The first launch took place on April 28 last year - then the "Soyuz" launch vehicle able to run only the second time.