New Zealand private space company is preparing for the second test run

New Zealand company Rocket Lab, tending to the market of the private space sector, preparing for a second test-firing of its missiles Electron. The following week, open the 10-day window within which the company plans to make the start on Friday, 8 December. The rocket, like last time, will be carried out with the New Zealand launch site, located on the Mahia peninsula. Rocket Lab for this launch will be the first in which the company is going to be broadcast live.

New Zealand private space company is preparing for the second test run

Despite the fact that the launch will be a test, it may also be called, and the first commercial for the company, as Electron rocket will carry a payload in the form of a Dove of Planet topographical satellite, as well as two satellites Lemur-2 company Spire: a meteorological and the other - for the gps-monitoring of floating vessels.

"It is both the second test and the first commercial launch for us. Therefore, we will try everything carefully traced and still carry a payload into the desired orbit, "- commented CEO of Rocket Lab Peter Beck.

The company expects that the launch could be canceled several times in order to select the most optimal weather conditions, but nevertheless, it will be held.

Recall that the first trial run Electron missile took place on May 25 this year. He proved partially successful, as the rocket did not come out in the desired orbit. Subsequent analysis of the telemetry showed that the rocket yet fulfilled all that has led to the fact that the rocket equipment, as it was ordered in the case of such incidents, decided to abort the flight she was required, however, emerged brief desynchronization in incorrectly configured communications equipment.

The company notes that all these problems have been solved, and so the Rocket Lab expect that the second run must be smooth. It is also interesting to note that in general, Rocket Lab has planned to conduct three test launches, but if this time everything goes as planned, the third run can opt out and go directly to the commercial operations.