NASA for the first time agreed to re-use already spent SpaceX rocket

For NASA it is to be a real historical event, as the US space agency for the first time agreed to use within the next space mission supply the International Space Station have spent rocket Falcon 9 previously. The launch is scheduled for Friday, 8 December. With SpaceX launch into orbit is planned to be 2, 5 tons of payload.

NASA for the first time agreed to re-use already spent SpaceX rocket

It should be noted that the use of SpaceX has previously worked for the rocket is not unusual - the company is carried out three times, to provide such services to companies SES, Space Systems / Loral, Iridium and Israeli Spacecom. But this time, the client is the most NASA is known for its rather conservative views. All previous launches and conclusions of payload into orbit with the help of already for a used rocket took place without any incidents.

Portal Spaceflight Now reported that NASA has approved a mission a few days ago, but it is the Agency's decision was not taken lightly. NASA engineers have carefully looked after all recreational and testing processes.

"Parts of rocket booster was dismantled and replaced with new ones. They provided a detailed list of what checks had to be made. With all the tasks they have coped. The rocket is ready to re-launch ", - he said at a meeting of the Advisory Council on Human Spaceflight NASA Deputy Chairman of the Board William Gerstenmaier.

The same portal reports that the space agency was completely satisfied with how SpaceX is preparing to re-launch rockets were in use. However, it is also noted that NASA asked not to consider this case as a sign of "total transfer" to the agency practice reusable rockets. If in the future of NASA and will resort to such services, each new case of engineers will review and assess separately, as an agency to take such a risk level is not yet ready.

Outside experts, in turn, noted that if NASA was ready for such a risk, then it would have already had their own reusable rocket, as, indeed, and a higher level of funding.