Let Glass - «smart" glasses with the support of an assistant Alexa

Where only not to put their voice assistant Alexa! It would seem, on the coffee machines and other devices, and all over, but no. Now he found a new use - very soon he will "sit" in the smart glasses on startup Let Glass. The developers promise to turn ordinary sunglasses in a smart gadget that allows you to manage a smartphone, a variety of household devices, such as a vacuum cleaner or a refrigerator, as well as call and enable or disable the music.

Let Glass - «smart Let Glass - «smart

A very important advantage of these glasses is that first of all it really points to help the people whose vision is far from the one hundred percent, see better. And in all this clever filling with Alexa at the head - is like so pleasant application.

Let Glass - «smart

Manage glasses can not only by voice - there is the ability to customize and tactile interface, which is particularly important for some people who do not like to shoot the breeze with all sorts of bots-assistants. If the customer lives in a country where there is support for Amazon services, then it is doubly lucky, because with the help of glasses he could learn the news, to place orders over the Internet, manage home appliances and even perform a whole bunch of all necessary actions.

Let Glass - «smart

In addition, points can also be used as a headset. Trendy device will transmit sound through bone conduction, and the caller's voice will be heard directly in the user's head - quite a popular practice nowadays. For those who this is not enough, inside the frames have built-in accelerometer, and more, so that, among other things, the owner can also track how it is mobile.

Weight points - only 27 grams, and charge their battery lasts for ten days. Thus on Indiegogo for them to ask only 119 US dollars.