Bitcoin "knocked" for nine years

October 31, 2008 authored by Satoshi Nakamoto was published announcement of the new electronic money settlement system Bitcoin. This date many accept Bitcoins per day of birth. Nevertheless, the announcement of the announcement remains, whereas exactly nine years ago, January 3, 2009, there was a unit number one in a distributed decentralized network of Bitcoin, which was later renamed in zero blocks. And that day, when the first unit has been generated, it is much more logical to assume birthday Bitcoins.


Over the years, this cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity still remains unsolved, has become the most popular and expensive "coins" and still regularly updates the value of the records. More expensive than in the dozens of times, it has attracted more and more attention, attracting more and more new companies, analysts, businessmen and miners looking to get into the "apple" and earn.

In early 2009, the finder a reward was 50 btc, and the complexity of the network is equal to 1 to the largest transaction within the network, the emergence of large markets and huge mayningovyh farms producing complex calculations and consuming huge power was still far away, but the beginning it was supposed to. Many believed, and still continue to believe Bitcoin "pyramid", "financial bubble" and a waste of time, but the fact remains: Bitcoin continues to steadily rise in price, but over the years he could from poorly understood entertainment for a narrow circle of geeks grow up to full means of payment - Now for Bitcoin can buy a house, a car, they can pay the bills, or simply buy a pizza with their help. Congratulate the birthday and to celebrate the event can be in our telegrams chat. All those interested in the technical side of the issue, we invite you to chat to discuss the iron. Video card, Asik, wiring and ventilation.