How to buy the most "tenacious" smartphone with a substantial discount

Today, that is, January 15, 2018, OUKITEL company starts taking pre-orders for its new smartphone the K10, which is characterized by monstrous capacity - 11,000 mAh. The campaign from 15 to 29 January you can purchase this unique device with a $ 50 discount.

How to buy the most

The manufacturer claims that K10 battery lasts for a week during normal use or 2-3 days of active use. Furthermore, the device is able to transfer energy to and used as an external battery for charging other gadgets.

With the new power adapter to 5V / 5A full charging device is carried out for only 2 hours 15 minutes. This was documented in a recent test that representatives of the company captured on video:

How to buy the most

K10 standard price is 299, 99 dollars, but if you have time to order the smartphone before 29 January, you get it at a special price of 249, 99 dollars. We advise to hurry up, and immediately proceed to the product page.