Swiss start-up will create a decentralized "internet computer"

The developers of the company DFINITY begun to establish an open protocol that allows users to combine computers into a single decentralized cloud platform, turning them into a kind of "internet computer". Developers have reported that they plan to compete with cloud services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Computers connected to the system will be able to share their mayningovymi capacity for a certain amount of tokens company.

Swiss start-up will create a decentralized

The developers explain that they want to create a system that can turn the Internet into a kind of powerful data center, combined using an open protocol of its own design for all users who subscribe to the created DFINITY network. Thus obtaining a network of computers will be able to perform the functions of the cloud platform, while ensuring maximum security and competitive prices. Based on this platform will be set up and decentralized applications - for the creators of this "cloud 3.0" will make a special set of tools.

Developers have been able to draw on the development of about a hundred million dollars. The release of the beta version of the platform is scheduled for late 2018.

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