Security system Porsche Panamera will be equipped with technology blokcheyn

German automobile concern ePorsch contracted with blokcheyn startups XAIN from Berlin. The joint efforts of the parties have begun to test the technology of distributed registry cars Porsche Panamera, - writes Trustnodes.

Security system Porsche Panamera will be equipped with technology blokcheyn

The publication reports with reference to the representatives of the parties that blokcheyn already implemented in software tools lock and unlock the car door locks. This allowed six times to increase the speed of their operation - the result is now entrenched at around 1, 6 seconds. In addition to locks, a distributed registry technology has found application in a temporary access authorization system, which allows for a time to borrow a car to another driver.

Oliver Doering, the Porsche chief financial officer, said that the innovative technology used in the manufacture of cars are not just fine words, it helps to stay in a dynamic market, and are real benefits to owners, opening up new opportunities on the part of security for them. In addition to implementing these blokcheyna in automobile parts, the developers are going to use a distributed registry technology for fast and secure data transmission, allowing, for example, to save time when paying charge, car parking and a number of other cases.

In addition, Doering pointed out that experts are studying the possibility of using blokcheyna and the development of autonomous vehicles.

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