Russia and China will work together to explore the moon and deep space

Roskosmos and the China National Space Administration (CNSA) have signed an agreement under which the two sides will work together to engage in space exploration. The Russian space agency reported that the documents were signed by representatives of the parties at the international forum on space exploration that took place in the Japanese capital.

Russia and China will work together to explore the moon and deep space

The document stipulates that the partners will work together in the Russian project to launch an orbital spacecraft "Luna-Resurs-1", the launch of which is scheduled for 2022, and a year later start to the joint implementation of the Chinese mission, under which it is planned to plant a moon rover to the south pole of the Moon, - RIA Novosti.

Two missions, cooperation will not be limited. Russia and China agreed to establish a joint data center project at Lund and deep space, which will bring together experts of both countries. His contract was signed by Director General of "Roscosmos" Igor Komarov and deputy head of the CNCA have Yanhua.

In December last year, came into force an agreement on technology protection measures in connection with cooperation in space exploration and the creation of launch vehicles and ground infrastructure.

In addition, in November, "Roskosmos" and CNSA signed a program of cooperation in the field of space in the 2018-2022 year. It includes six sections: the study of the moon and deep space exploration, space science and related technologies, satellites and their applications, electronic components and materials, cooperation on remote sensing data and monitoring of space debris.

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