In Russia create a "smart" electricity metering system

Russian developers to create new blokcheyne NS platform for the management and accounting of electricity. It will help reduce power consumption, self-will capture the data associated with the volume of its production, consumption, and can automatically issue invoices, - informs TASS.

In Russia create a

According to the creators of the system, their design has the potential to be widely used in the energy sector and will help to give up a complex system of intermediaries. Simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the NS system allows fast, ubiquitous and without intermediaries to implement it immediately and start using in small settlements, as well as in the cities.

After the implementation of the project will be able to pay for electricity consumers in the automatic mode, so blokcheyn-system helps avoid filling the paper receipts and online forms, and payment of the commission will no longer affect the cost of electricity. Founder Jan Coifman project said that the project in the future will be multi-functional platform that can be scaled to other energy spheres.

The project to create an innovative blokcheyn platform has already become a party to track Power & Energy startup accelerator GenerationS of the Russian Venture Company (RVC) - TASS quoted the press service of the Ural Federal University.

When it is planned to implement a new system, developers are not reported, but, apparently, to wait is not very long. Blokcheyn not counter, rewind it does not work, so the manufacturers certainly interested in introducing such innovations in the first place.

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