Miner's time to "turn off the bench?"

Analysts from the company Fundstrat Global Advisors conducted another study of which concluded the results of that production Bitcoins costs almost become equal to its course, and in some countries the miners have already begun to work to beat the cost of mining Bitcoins and forced to work "to zero" - the CNBC, citing an official statement FGA.

Miner's time to

Tom Lee, CEO Fundstrat Global Advisors, said that his company analysts expected profitability of mining Bitcoins, taking into account not only energy costs but also taking into account other costs. Such, for example, regular maintenance and replacement of equipment. According to the calculations of the FGA, meaning in Meiningen will not, if all the costs incurred by Bitcoin miner, catch up with the rate of cryptocurrency.

The FGA note that at a price of about six cents per 1 kWh profitability of mining is already in question, but in fact more and miners have to be regularly maintained, change the equipment. At the time of writing the post six cents worth about 3, 5 rubles, which is consistent with the average for Russia price per 1 kWh. Analysts have concluded that in order to miners from other countries could compete successfully with major Bitcoin miners from China, the price for electricity shall not exceed four cents per 1 kWh, but, according to experts FGA, to minimize mass activity miners More far - it is the price of Bitcoin has to fall to 3-4 thousand dollars and held long enough at this level.

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