Microsoft launched the Azure integration blokcheynom Ethereum

Developers Azure cloud platform from Microsoft reported that they began to work on the integration of the service with blokcheynom Ethereum. According to them, the new solution will enable applications to run at the same time work in the cloud and blokcheyne that can be very useful opportunity for the corporate sector.

Microsoft launched the Azure integration blokcheynom Ethereum

"Developments are more stability, provide analytics, and simplify the implementation Ethereum in Azure network. This update will also help to improve the control and maintenance blokcheyn chain "- written by the developers and say that new details will gradually be published in the blog.

Azure engineers noted that the increase in users to blokcheyn-solutions has grown substantially, so they decided to meet this demand by providing users their own development in this area. Network reliability and the ability to track its status - an important element for the implementation of blokcheyna Etherium in Azure network. Now you can work with them for the simplified scheme, combining network even with minimal knowledge. For a successful VPN connection settings for training and the creation of a fully finished blokcheyn network with a lot of participants have already created detailed instructions.

"In the future, the integration of cloud services and blokcheyna will only be strengthened, providing users with more and more new features. The new solution will be used in any industry, and therefore studied large companies around the world. Improvement from Microsoft to help businesses take full advantage of the technology of distributed networks, "- promise to the developers.

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