"Roskosmos" experienced parachute for landing on Mars

"Rosokosmos" informs that within the framework of the preparation of the joint Russian-European mission "exomars 2020" developers have conducted low-altitude test the parachute system, through which it is planned to carry out a soft landing of the Russian scientific platform and a European rover on the surface of Mars.

The tests took place in Sweden. In the course of their attention was paid to the second main parachute with a diameter of 35 meters. During testing simulator landing module mounted with a skid lifted by helicopter to a height of 1, 2 kilometers above the Earth and dropped down. After resetting the main parachute release sequence was started. After 12 seconds successfully opened pilot chute, and then was brought into action and the main parachute. System disclosure parachute successfully demonstrated at low air temperatures.

"GoPro cameras, mounted on 500-pound test simulator landing platform, precisely documented all stages of opening the parachute. The entire process of landing on the ground 2 took about 5 minutes. After landing avionics simulator sent telemetry in real time "- said in a press release," Roscosmos ".

All parachute system weighs 195 kilograms, the weight of the chute, taking into account the weight of five kilometers of the sling is 70 kilos. The folding of the parachute specialists had to spend three days.

The spacecraft, which is to deliver the landing module to Mars, scheduled for launch in 2020. Arrival apparatus to Mars is expected a year later. According to the plan, the landing module separate from the spacecraft before entering into the atmosphere, after which the planting process is started, comprising a braking in the atmosphere, the disclosure of the parachute system, the shooting of the heat shield, the separation of the housing with a parachute and including soft landing engines. Clear practicing landing was decided to start in advance to avoid the result of extraordinary situations.

The "exomars" - a joint project of "Roskosmos" and the European Space Agency's Mars Exploration, its surface, atmosphere and climate from orbit and on the surface of the planet. He will open a new phase of space exploration to Russia and Europe.