SpaceX has received official permission to establish their satellite Internet

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the application of the company SpaceX to launch and use of the satellite network Starlink of thousands of compact satellite with which the company plans to provide access to the Internet not only in the US but also around the world.

SpaceX has received official permission to establish their satellite Internet

"With this decision, the Commission has taken an important step toward affordable competition in the provision of high speed data services," - said the FCC in a statement.

According to the statement, this is the first case in which the FCC gave its approval to the creation of such a satellite constellation, but the media, adding that over the last year the company OneWeb, Space Norway and Telesat received permission for access to the US market for the provision of broadband services using satellites.

"We are grateful to the Federal Communications Commission for a thorough review, analysis and provision of company SpaceX a license for the establishment of a constellation of satellites. Despite the fact that on the way to that goal, we have to solve a lot more complex tasks, this decision is an important step to create a new generation of satellite network. With this constellation company SpaceX will be able to provide affordable and high-quality broadband network that will be particularly important for those regions where it is currently absent any Internet "- said Gwynne Shotwell, President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX.

It is worth recalling that an ambitious plan to create a new mask satellite Internet became known in 2016 when when the owner of SpaceX unveiled some details of an ambitious project known as Starlink. As evident from the description, the group will include 4425 satellite that will be placed in orbit in height from 1150 to 1325 kilometers, as well as another 7,518 vehicles, which is scheduled for launch in height from 335 to 346 kilometers. Thus, only a part of this project SpaceX plans to launch nearly 12 thousand compact satellites. However, judging by the FCC materials, until the company has received permission to run only the first group of devices.

To provide global access to the Internet company SpaceX satellites will operate on frequencies Ka- and Ku-band. Start of mass run Starlink network of satellites is scheduled for 2019. The network will begin its work as soon as the satellite constellation will consist of at least 800 vehicles. In this case, up to March 29, 2024 the company will launch no less than half of the approved number of devices, and the remaining satellites should be in orbit by March 29, 2027. Note also that 22 February SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 launch vehicle and led the first two Starlink system satellite into orbit. With the help of satellites Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b SpaceX intends to test a new phased array antenna with a directional beam forming technology, as well as inter-satellite communication equipment.

Starlink network promises faster compared to fiber-optic networks to access the Internet, by providing direct access to the wireless network, rather than through the current signal redistribution systems, which tend to be much more expensive to maintain and less reliable.