Google will "knock" on those who are engaged in self-medicate

In the era of development of the Internet and the availability of vast amounts of information in it, we are often easier to learn something in a search engine and does not refer to a specialist. Sometimes it is justified, but not in the case when it comes to our health. Quite often the consequences of incorrect treatment can be worse than the disease itself. And this process has recently become interested in Google, which will report "where necessary" for those who are engaged in self-thanks to the search engine.

Google will

In this case the "right place" - a medical center. If you are worried about your safety, you should not, because everything that has conceived Google, - officially and legally. The fact that Google Trends and Tweets with geolocation - it is public information that is open to everyone. And doctors have long, it is analyzed. For example, experts from the Center of control and prevention of diseases of the USA have identified a link between cases of syphilis outbreaks and online activity of people in these areas. The history of Google searches to find some keywords like "STD" (sexually transmitted diseases - diseases, sexually transmitted diseases) and the "Find Sex" (here, it seems to us, translation is not required) directly related to the increase in the number of reported cases of syphilis in the same territory in the next few weeks. Another study revealed a pattern between syphilis outbreaks and tweets about syphilis in the "Twitter".

Moreover, the experts compared the findings from the data obtained with the actual level of syphilis in 4 years. When this was revealed a direct link between the behavior of people in the network and their sexual health. So perhaps, in the future we will have to see to it that we ask the search engine. To not unwittingly become a participant of the experiment.