Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

The output of the new smartphone - it's always an interesting event, which attracts attention and makes you want to know what the manufacturer could do to attract potential buyers. New from Oppo, which received the name F7, just refers to such smartphones.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

The first novelty is focused on young people who respects the design characteristics and demanding on the quality of the front camera. Both the smartphone at least draws attention, but all in good time, and to start look at what kind of smartphone in general.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie


Potential buyer Three body colors will be offered a choice of "Red Sun", "silvery radiance" and "black star".

All colors are made so that they are bright and can reflect the characteristics of the owner. For example, a bright red color should emphasize the active nature, and silver understated, but with a sense of style. In addition, there is an elegant black color.

rear panel shine immediately draws attention to themselves. It looks as though it is made of glass, but it's not that simple. As a material selected polycarbonate, which combines flexibility and a good appearance. Thanks to him, the backdrop and looks so good.

The fingerprint scanner on the back wall, the volume buttons on the left and the Power button on the right. The headphone jack is still here, and the charging is done via microUSB.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

Separately pleases a tray for SIM-cards that Oppo is not the first time applies in this form. Its main advantage is that it does not make a compromise and sacrifice a second SIM-card for the memory card.

Screen Mode of

Another important design element is the screen. The Oppo F7 it, as it is now called, frameless. Aspect ratio is 19: 9, and the top of the cut-outs on the sides were found in recent times.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

They are available service information, which is usually "eats" part of the screen real estate. At the same time in some applications the functional elements are in this area, which, for example, when viewing the video make it possible to record the screen or a screenshot.

The brightness of the screen is enough to enjoy the outdoors, and indoors it is even too much, and it is unlikely that someone will use it to maximum brightness.

of the screen resolution is 2280 by 1080 pixels, with the diagonal 6, 23 inches gives a density of pixels at 405 dpi. Good figure even for a high-end smartphone.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

Operating System

The large screen is very convenient to use the function to work with two applications, which is implemented through a system of ColorOS 5, built on Android 8.1. It allows, for example, respond to messages that are opened in a separate window, and do not interfere with viewing the video or gameplay.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

Of course, compared to the previous version of the proprietary operating system developed and other moments. For example, a heavily modified interface, including icons and animations and the system includes useful features such as a file safe. Management derived the next level with the introduction of sign system, which will eliminate the traditional Android buttons and save some more space on the screen.


As mentioned earlier, the camera in the smartphone stands out from the competition and has very interesting features.

The front camera is equipped with a CMOS-sensor with a resolution of 25 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.0, but what is particularly interesting is the fact that this sensor allows you to not just take pictures in the HDR, as well as many other smartphones, and he is the HDR-sensor. To work with a range it allows not on the program level when made a few shots and then combine into one, and on the hardware, just doing HDR-images.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

The software processing is also available, and it works on the basis of artificial intelligence, which is not deprived Oppo F7. Artificial Intelligence allows you to define the scene and adjust the settings to suit them. It can even distinguish a cat from a dog, to select a suitable shutter speed settings, but this is more related to the main chamber.

The front camera itself can detect facial features and change the settings for the shooting areas, removing shadows under the eyes, making the more saturated the color of the lips and eyes. Furthermore, the new smartphone artificial intelligence is able to work with several people in the frame, selecting the settings separately for each zone and separate entity from the neck and arms, and the men from the women. Even with national characteristics and skin color will have no problems. All this is possible thanks to SelfieTune 2.0 function and its ability to define up to 296 points on the image.

When the photos have already been made, artificial intelligence will systematize them into folders according to the fact who is in them, as well as events and dates, placing the appropriate tags.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

The main camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels, and in the afternoon at her pictures got very saturated and bright. There is a slight problem when shooting in the dark, but it's physics, and from it there is no escape, is found in all of the smartphone in a little more or less.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

But under normal lighting conditions no problems with the detail, with any color reproduction or distorted. The images are more than worthy, and a manual mode allows you to experiment with the settings and shooting techniques.


During the performance Oppo F7 meets eight cores MediaTek Helio P60, in which the module is integrated and artificial intelligence. The processor is equipped with a GPU ARM Mali-G72 MP3 800MHz. With this bundle, problems should not be a game, and even demanding industry representatives will work quite smoothly and without brakes.

RAM all Oppo F7 option will have 4 GB other than provided in the color "red sun". This version provides 6 GB of RAM.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

The internal memory of 64 GB, but nowadays this is not enough for many. Very often such a problem faced by those who buy more smartphones to watch TV shows on it in a way and at the same time not to give up a large number of photographs. If the memory not enough, you can use a memory card with up to 256 GB.

The battery capacity will not only watch TV shows, but also use the other functions over time. Its capacity is 3400 mAh, and thanks to a good economy and the possibility of artificial intelligence for process optimization, energy storage, even when the active operation on the day exactly enough.

Communication and other nice features of

Both Simcoe, which are inserted regardless of the presence in the smartphone memory card, support 4G VoLTE, which can not fail to please, and will not have to make a choice and something themselves infringe.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

In addition, it supports all the other modern communication formats. The Oppo F7 remember to install GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as support for OTG.

The nice thing is face recognition, which is not just there, but it works very quickly. Asserted response speed is 0, 08 seconds. During this time, the reference point is determined by a person's identity, and the smartphone is unlocked, if the owner recognizes him.

unlock feature is implemented so that it is sufficient to take the smart phone on the table as we usually use them. The system will immediately understand that someone has picked up and it is necessary to scan the face. With this feature, when the phone is lifting from the table it seems that it was not locked. So quick and convenient all unlocked.

What is the result?

The market got a smartphone that not only rises in line with other devices deserve, but also something of their significantly superior. For example, HDR-module in the front chamber, which was first applied in the smartphone.

Oppo F7 - for those who love style and selfie

Individual attention is drawn to bright colors that look really nice and rich. We should not disparagingly called plastic casing as polycarbonate - it's not quite plastic in the classic sense of the word. He's a tough, reliable, and gives the appearance of use on the back of the glass, which finds its place in the main only premium devices.

The rest of the smartphone also did not disappoint, and will please not only performance, but also reliability and ColorOS 5.0 based on the latest Android will show how you can change the interaction with the smartphone and make it easier and more enjoyable.