Russia launched the world's only floating nuclear power plant

Many countries, including China and the United States, tried to create a marine or floating nuclear reactors, but their attempts to have sunk into oblivion. Russia, though not the first, launching a floating nuclear power plant, the 70-megawatt "Academician Lomonosov", on the Baltic Sea, but it certainly will be the only one who has such a flotation device on the go. Starting with St. Petersburg, the station will be towed by Norway to Murmansk to load nuclear fuel. From there it will go to the Arctic to warm up 100 000 people Pevek (Chukotka Autonomous District), as well as provide energy for desalination plant and oil rigs.

Russia launched the world's only floating nuclear power plant

The construction of the ship began in 2007 and, according to various reports, at a cost of 232 million dollars. The company that owns it, "Rosatom", originally planned to load the reactor with nuclear fuel in St. Petersburg, and then tow the ship right in Pevek, but "Greenpeace" and some of the Baltic states were against, so the download will take place in Murmansk.

"Greenpeace" and other green advocates still do not think it's a great idea, especially since the ship can not move on their own and need to be towed.

"Move testing of this" nuclear Titanic "away from the public eye does not make the test less irresponsible," says nuclear expert "Greenpeace" Jan Haverkamp. "Nuclear reactors, floating in the Arctic Ocean, will represent shockingly obvious threat to the fragile environment, which is already under enormous pressure from climate change."

A nuclear ship will replace the 48-megawatt nuclear power plant in the region of Pevek. It turned out that it will be easier to build the ship in St. Petersburg, and then transport it by sea, rather than build a new station so far. "Pierce, hydraulic structures and other buildings necessary for the mooring of the ship will be ready on arrival" Academician Lomonosov "," said "Rosatom".

Russia relies heavily on oil economically and, like other countries, claims the oil-rich Arctic. Ironically, the burning of fossil fuels exacerbates global warming, which is melting the Arctic ice opens new shipping routes from Russia and make possible the further development of oil wells in the north.

The first floating nuclear power plant is considered MH-1A "Sturges", launched in the Panama Canal in 1967 and decommissioned in 2014. Not to be confused with a nuclear-powered ships and nuclear submarines: the floating nuclear power plant, unable to move on their own, it is quite another matter.