German scientists have developed an "electronic nose" that can be embedded in any smartphone

On our site we wrote about the creation of high-precision electronic nose, but in the modern world appreciated the portability and mobility. And a group of researchers from Germany recently introduced a very small sensor that can successfully detect odors and at the same time fit into any modern smartphone.

German scientists have developed an

is responsible for the development team of scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, led by physicist Martin Sommer. At this point the sensor can alert the smell of smoke, gas or fire, but experts want to make the device as much as possible "massive and suitable for everyday use." Therefore, the "electronic nose" to teach in the future plan to determine, for example, fresh food. Moreover, despite its size, the nose acts precisely enough and is much more sensitive than a human.

German scientists have developed an

the human olfactory organ used to detect smells several million olfactory cells, as well as a bunch of neurons in the olfactory center of the brain. Repeat this in the electronic device - not an easy task. To implement it, the German researchers used specific nanofibers that respond to complex gas mixtures. They form the various signals depending on the ambient odor. These signals are analyzed chip based on tin dioxide. To start the system must "learn" certain smells. After that, she will have to identify them automatically. At the moment the device is left, the assurance of scientists, only one weak spot:

"The fact that all things are not always smell the same. For example, flowers in sunny weather, smell differently than in the rain or after it. So at this point we need to decide how to overcome this limitation. "