Company Elon Musk will dig tunnels for the Martians?

Most people do their best not to live at a depth of three meters underground. But if you want to live on Mars, it may be your only option available. This week, President and COO SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell issued a verdict in an interview with CNBC. During a conversation on the synergy of different companies Elon Musk, she made a bold prediction about the possible future of mankind on the Red Planet.

"I think, Boring Company will help to place people on Mars. We drilled tunnels for children, "said Shotwell.

Company Elon Musk will dig tunnels for the Martians?

Shotwell not just fantasize about the plans of his boss. Earlier Musk himself mentioned the possibility of using Boring Company technology to build underground places of Mars habitat.

"You can build an entire underground city, if you want," said Musk in July. "People, of course, will occasionally come to the surface, but using the correct drilling technology could be built a whole underground on Mars."

SpaceX has plans to join forces with Boring Company for the transport of persons on earth, so it is not difficult to imagine how Boring Company helps SpaceX in its unearthly plans. But do humans want to live under the ground? And how do these cool dome of glass and inflatable home? It turns out that although such habitat may look cool, it can also kill us. The atmosphere of Mars is much thinner than Earth's, and it lacks a magnetic field. This means that to protect people especially do not get from dangerous cosmic radiation, which can lead to health problems.

According to NASA, if we want to protect the Martians from harmful radiation, few options. We could build a habitat of a sufficiently thick material that absorbs radiation (but it would be expensive to transport) or to create a new, more efficient materials - but their development will also be expensive.

Sending a drilling machine on Mars may be the cheapest way to create a safe habitat on the planet. Of course, life under the ground is not as pretty as on the surface, but we will maintain their ability to think clearly, play and live without cancer.