Open way to speed up charging the batteries 3 times

Every year the power of mobile devices are growing, but the batteries are not keeping pace with them. Therefore, already considered the norm to have a plug for the outlet and a pair pauerbankov to boot. And if you still can not fundamentally change the battery of the device, it is possible to try to make them even less dependent on the electrical outlet. This is what took up scientists from Germany, creating the technology, which considerably increases battery charging.

Open way to speed up charging the batteries 3 times

A new design magazine writes Advanced Functional Materials. As stated in the article, a group of German scientists developed a synthesis process of the hybrid material composed of nanoparticles of tin oxide doped with antimony. All particle size does not exceed 3 millimeters and are grown on a platform of graphene that provides structural stability, and improves electrical conductivity. As stated study author Dean Fattakhova-Rolfing from the Research Institute of Energy and Climate in Jülich,

"Doping with antimony improves the ability of a material to absorb lithium ions, an anode and makes a more high-speed. Thus he is able to maintain a half times as much energy in one minute than is allowed ordinary graphene anodes. As a result, 1 hour charging amount stored energy is increased by 3 times. "

The high energy density is retained even after 1000 charge cycles, saving more than 77% of its original capacity, which is an extremely good result.

"Composite materials nitrogen oxide on the carbon matrix allow to overcome the limitations of individual material such as cyclic low stability due to large changes in volume during charge-discharge".