"KAMAZ" will begin production of unmanned vehicles in 2021

The development of unmanned vehicles is already engaged all major automakers. Is no exception and domestic "KAMAZ", which plans to start production of unmanned vehicles as early as 2021.

In fact, to start production of unmanned cars could be in the past, but as noted by the press service, "the necessary legal definition", which will be spelled out that it relates to unmanned transport. Also, the experts of the company need to find out the presence of a potential customer base that would be interested in buying unmanned cars.

It is already known that on the basis of automobile production will be established in 2016 to present 20 local unmanned buses Sh.A. TL new version. A special feature of the bus is pretty stylish design and innovative adaptive chassis design. By the project is also connected drone development team of "Yandex", which is responsible for the creation of infrastructure for a route and process data on traffic density. Representatives of the company "KAMAZ" said that some of the decisions of the bus A. Sh TL will be used and new cars, which the company plans to introduce in the future. In particular, it relates to a system "of" UAV.

"Today, this technology requires a break-in, completion and many trials, including in severe conditions of the city. This is a very important step for us, but we believe that this technology will become a series after 2020, safe and affordable. "