"Chinese Google» introduced its first chip for artificial intelligence. Started?

Chinese corporation Baidu introduced chip of artificial intelligence called "Kunlun" during the annual event "creates Baidu", which was held on Tuesday. The company joins the Chinese race among hardware manufacturers, developed specifically for machine learning. Baidu also could well compete with Google, but because of the "iron curtain" Corporations are unlikely to be on one market alone.

"Kunlun" optimized for different tasks of artificial intelligence, including voice recognition, natural language processing, image recognition and autonomous driving. Chip Development lasted seven years: in 2011, Baidu began to create specialized processors for AI using FPGA (a kind of chip that can be reconfigured "on the fly"). The new design is 30 times faster than the original processor based on the FPGA, but the company says it is not ready to start mass production of it. The ability of artificial intelligence are developing rapidly Baidu. Self-managed companies will soon begin vans shuttle between campuses power plants in China. EasyDL, deep learning tool designed for people with basic technical training, allowing physicians to use home-made diagnostic tools such as an effective screening and other parasites.

Proper equipment will allow Baidu to increase scale and capabilities of its AI at a low price. The weak semiconductor industry in China has also become the subject of domestic interest after ZTE defeat. Growing trade relations with the United States encourage China's interest in fundamental technologies.