"Nick" Sberbank employ robot. Avatar will answer customer questions

Sberbank has developed and introduced its own artificial intelligence - avatar "Nick", that is the embodiment of robotic AI. "Nick" will respond to people's questions and to show different emotions, says the director of the Savings Bank of robotics center Albert Efimov.

"Just recently demonstrated a robot under the working title" Nika ", which is an avatar for the artificial intelligence of the bank", - he said.

In the past year, Sberbank and MIPT began to jointly develop the project iPavlov, in which a system of artificial intelligence, the ability to communicate with people in a natural language. The result of the project will be new business applications that integrate into the work of the company, so customer service will reach a new level, then head of the bank said German Gref.

However, no evidence of robot performance (profprigodnosti) yet.