It developed the most durable material in the world

Durability various products depends primarily on the wear resistance of materials from which they were made. And recently, a group of scientists from the Sandia, United States Department of Energy National Laboratories have created, they said "the most wear-free material in the world."

It developed the most durable material in the world

The experts have developed a metal with unique properties. New Alloy 100 times superior resistance most common and available at the moment heavy-duty steel. This was achieved thanks to a new hypothesis about the strength of the alloys. If earlier it was believed that the wear resistance of the sample is based on the hardness, the Sandia experts have suggested that the deterioration may be related to how the metal reacts to the effects of heat.

"We found that small but fundamental changes in some alloys will give a tremendous increase in safety margin. Improved thermo stability of nanocrystalline alloys can mitigate degradation microstructure with stress at high loads and ultimately reduce wear. "

During the research we found out that the more wear-resistant alloy gives the platinum and gold plating layer. At the same time, despite the fact that these metals are precious, they need quite a bit, and the strength will increase significantly.

"The new wear-resistant materials have the potential to provide benefits in terms of reliability for a variety of devices and enable to save about $ 100 billion a year. Of course, the scope is very limited and is mainly suitable for heavy industrial equipment, but the savings in this area will be very noticeable. Stern, the alloy will be a tool to overcome the existing limitations associated with the reliability of steel structures. "