Google told me what not to expect in 2018

Google has said that it is not present in the current year, one of the long-awaited devices. And the operating system Wear OS 3.0 will generally not. That instead?

Google told me what not to expect in 2018

Earlier there were rumors about the upcoming debut of this year hours Pixel Watch from Google. But, as reported in an interview with Tom's Guide Director of Maintenance Wear OS Miles Barr (Miles Barr), in 2018, this new product will not be presented. More detailed reports considered Vlad (Vlad) pages resource.

Pixel Watch will not be presented in 2018 by the Google

It was believed that Pixel Watch will be launched simultaneously with smartphones and Pixel 3 Pixel 3 XL in the upcoming October 2018 Google's presentation. But the search giant chose to rely on their partners producing hand-held devices, and to focus on further improving Wear OS.

Google told me what not to expect in 2018

Members waiting for NFC support and the presence of heart rate in the smart watch. And these technologies are already finding application in new devices in this category (example is the recently announced smartchasy Skagen Falster 2, shown in the image).

Google has no desire to develop its own device in this category, since it is impossible to create a watch that would be ideal for each user. An important feature of Wear OS is the ability to create a variety of clock running the software platform - and for fitness enthusiasts and for those who appreciate the hours above all design. If Google and begin to develop such a project, it is further noted Miles Barr, first of all, focus on Google Assistant, enables the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the unit.

The new operating system from Google for wearable devices will not be called Wear OS 3.0

It was recently presented redesign Wear OS - update is expected early next year and concerns the improvement of operating time of portable devices from the battery. It is believed that the same approach that Google will be applied already implemented for Android in Doze mode. Machine learning will be used to optimize the operation of the device different processes and this will reduce the power consumption.

The new release of the operating system for handheld devices, which is expected in 2019, will not be called Wear OS 3.0, as Google wants to move away from the version numbering of the software platform. In the future, the company plans to continue to provide regular updates containing improvements in the operating system.

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