Resins, which closed up the hole on the ISS, was enough

Restoration work, which was conducted on astronauts aboard the International Space Station for the last two days have been completed. Ground control to detect small pressure drop across the board "Union", docked to the station, on the night of August 29. Blame was the 2mm hole in the wall "of the Union."

Resins, which closed up the hole on the ISS, was enough

Cosmonaut Sergey Prokopiev, the commander of the "Union", yesterday patched the hole with epoxy resin and a temporary solution was still copes with the problem: the cabin pressure remains unchanged. This is the conclusion NASA experts. Russian MCC and NASA Space Center. Johnson in Houston continue to monitor the pressure levels.

The gap to the ISS

"Yesterday we once again showed how well our preparation to emergency situations. We were able to find and stop the small leak in our "Union", thanks to the excellent teamwork between the crew and the control centers on multiple continents, "he tweeted one member of the ISS, Alexander Gerst, European Space Agency astronaut.

Yesterday showed again how valuable our emergency training is. We could locate and stop a small leak in our Soyuz, thanks to great cooperation between the crew and control centres on several continents.

- Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) August 31, 2018

Previously, Russian officials on Space stated that the puncture was caused by micrometeoroids, but NASA has not confirmed this.

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