The owners' store without vendors "trained AI calculate thieves

Today opens more stores where goods do not need to pay at the checkout, everything is based on self-service and on the trading floor is not a single seller. However, it may attract thieves to such stores. Of course, no one has canceled a video surveillance system, but it is significantly improved by teaching the AI ​​to calculate the offender before he commits theft.

The owners' store without vendors

For the development of a very interesting software meets company Standard Cognition. The system is currently used 27 cameras, which are controlled by a special algorithm. It records virtually all customer data: the speed and length of steps, direction of gaze and even the goods on which the buyer is looking at the moment. The program calculates how long a person is considering labels, following the movement of goods on a trading hall and so on. But the most important of all the information received, the program concludes that "the potential unreliability of the" buyer.

Five of the seven founders of Standard Cognition previously worked at the Commission on the Securities and Exchange Commission, which have developed algorithms to detect fraudulent schemes, therefore, the right experience, the company has. As one of the leaders of Standard Cognition Michael Susvel,

"In fact, it's pretty simple: potential thieves a wider step, they are constantly looking out through the eyes and it is only a couple of examples of behavior that indicate bad faith. If the system suspects someone in an attempt to steal, it will notify the security guard and the store will go to the person to clarify the situation. "

The company has received an investment of $ 11, US $ 2 million and opened the first test store, which will identify deficiencies in the system and conducted its completion. By 2020, the company plans to equip its system of at least 100 stores every day.

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