Russian ISS astronauts will go into space for the visual inspection of the holes in the "Union"

Commission space corporation "Roscosmos", dedicated to the investigation of the incident with the depressurization of the Russian spacecraft "Soyuz", presumably caused by a drilled hole in the inner skin of the orbital module, is planning to conduct a spacewalk Russian cosmonauts.

Russian ISS astronauts will go into space for the visual inspection of the holes in the

As the chairman of the commission Nikolay Sevastyanov, exit open space, which will be held on November 15, it is a planned, but to him the task of inspection of the outer skin will be added at the point where the ISS crew oxygen leak was detected.

"On November 15 our crew planned output. This planned output, to which we add the task ", - quotes the words Sevastyanov RIA" Novosti ".

Director of "Roscosmos" for manned programs, Sergei Krikalev, said that the operation will be carried Russian cosmonauts Alexei Ovchinin and Sergey Prokopyev. The challenge, as indicated Krikalev, will consist in opening the screen-vacuum thermal insulation and protection apparatus micrometeoric "MS-09 The Union".

According Krikalev, Russian cosmonauts will try to explore the hole outside the presence of burrs (traces of drilling) and sealant residues, which could be plastered with a hole at the factory.

"The goal is a visual examination of the hole. You need to get it as close as possible. What happens - we'll see, "- said Krikalev.

Krikalev said that the planned time of Russian cosmonauts will be about two hours.

Currently Ovchinin Prokopiev and pass on Earth preflight training for the task. Krikalev also added that the task of the Russian cosmonauts will be complicated by the fact that the habitation module "Union", where it was found a hole, is not designed for doing outdoor work.

Nikolai Sevastyanov, in turn, added that the RSC "Energia", which is also responsible for investigating the causes of the hole in the "Union" skin is not determined that there is systematic violations in the production of these devices. to investigate the incident, the Commission will meet once a week to discuss the latest data, and the work on the study of the incident will be completed by the end of November.

Recall that in the media earlier voiced a different version of the causes of the hole in the Russian unit, ranging from manufacturing defects and ending suspicion of deliberate damage to the Russian spacecraft by US astronauts. The head of "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin did not comment on the talk about the alleged involvement of astronauts, calling await the results of the official conclusion of the commission to investigate the incident.

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