Canadian astronaut: the first on the Red Planet will be Martians

Astronauts traveling in outer space on a long trip to Mars will not have the usual support from the mission control center in the world and will have to think of themselves as Martians to survive, half-jokingly remarked famous Canadian astronaut. Current projections people get to Mars - that is 400 million kilometers from Earth - in the coming decades.

Canadian astronaut: the first on the Red Planet will be Martians

But the vast distance means that communication with flight control center will be delayed for 22 minutes. Therefore, the astronauts will have to rely solely on this journey, which will take 2, 5 years.

The first Martians

"If I was the commander of the crew, as soon as the earth would disappear in the rearview mirror, I would put together a team and said:" We are no longer humans, we are now the Martians. That's who we are. We need to redefine their relationship with the planet, which we gave birth, "said Chris Hadfield, a former astronaut. "It will be very difficult without the Mother Earth at hand and it is important to explain the team who they are - the most far-pick researchers in human history."

Robert Thirsk - which owns the Canadian record for the longest stay in space - says the new Canadian Space Agency to recruit Joshua Kutrika and Jenny Saida Gibbons "to send into deep space, return to the moon, an asteroid ... and after twenty years on the surface of Mars. "

In the short term, "the idea of ​​living on the Moon will be very, very real," says Kutrik. Canadian astronaut took the last ship tested "Orion" in the Southwest desert in the United States, designed to "bring people back to the moon in the next few years." However, how this plan will be able to implement NASA, it remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Rogozin (head of Roscosmos) said that Russia will not take part in the creation of lunar base Gateway.

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