Martian orbital probe took a photo of the silent rover "Opportunity"

Autonomous interplanetary space station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) aekrokosmicheskogo agency NASA took a picture of a lonely rover "Opportunity", which does not get in touch for more than two months. Recall that the rover stopped because of the global Mars dust storms cover the entire planet in June this year. Working on solar batteries based rover could not get enough solar energy to power electronics and, therefore, went into hibernation. The Agency is still unable to establish contact with him, although the Martian storm is long over.

Martian orbital probe took a photo of the silent rover

Currently, the rover is in the "Valley of perseverance" on the edge of the 22-kilometer crater Endeavor.

"This photograph was taken from a height of about 267 kilometers above the Martian surface. In the center a white square-cut 47-meter field is the rover "Opportunity". The photo was taken on September 20, "- said the agency NASA.

Martian orbital probe took a photo of the silent rover

The image was captured by the camera HiRISE space probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter September 20, 2018, however, the Agency published a photograph of only 25 of September. In the center of the selected area is white square rover "Opportunity" (bright spot at the center of the square). Rover did not get in touch with the Earth in mid-June this year, As mentioned above, the "Opportunity" recently came out on bond on 10 June. After that dust storm in this area increased by closing the clear sky solar panels marskhohoda, thus he could not muster enough energy to recharge their batteries. Shortly thereafter, a dust storm intensified so much that almost completely covered the entire planet. However, in July, the storm began to weaken. By September 11 the sky is almost completely clean off, and a team of "Opportunity" began for attempting to "revive" six-wheel autonomous robot.

The rover team decided to wait for another 45 days, "active listening" any possible signals that can deliver the rover. To date, two weeks have passed from this life. If the end of the 45-day period "Opportunity" can not connect, according to an official statement, the agency has to think about, to finally complete his mission. At the same time, people who work on this program say they will continue to wait passively for any signs of life from the rover at least until the end of January next year.

Recall that the rover "Opportunity" space agency NASA explores the Red Planet for more than 14 years. Rover the size of a golf cart undertook land on Mars in January 2004, three weeks after being on the red planet, in another area of ​​the villages of its twin rover "Spirit". The main mission of both marskhodov was designed for 90 Earth days, but both rovers have worked on Mars is significantly larger than its alleged "guarantee period". "Opportunity" held hearty until early June of this year; "Spirit" is stuck in the dunes and has been declared lost only in 2011.

Scientific achievements of both machines really impressive. For example, the "Spirit" and "Opportunity" found plenty of evidence that ancient Mars was once liquid water flowing river.

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