In Russia create AI-based big data for diagnosis

Large data (or big data) in recent years have increasingly find application in various fields. Simply put, big data - this is a huge array of unstructured data that can be used for different purposes. Their treatment takes a special program based on artificial intelligence, and very often at the output can be obtained very important results. And recently the Russian medical community, together with the developers of AI systems have begun to launch a large-scale project to establish a national operator of biomedical data. In the future it will help professionals put more faithful and accurate diagnoses and improve the detection and treatment of diseases.

In Russia create AI-based big data for diagnosis

According to the publication "Kommersant", the development is based on the association of developers and users of artificial intelligence systems "National database of medical knowledge." Medical All-Russian network of big data will be created on the basis of public-private partnership. In this case, the state will be responsible for the security of data, and the private sector - for the services of analytics, diagnostics and treatment. As he stated in an interview with the general director of the Foundation for International Medical Cluster Mikhail Yugay,

"The use of artificial intelligence in medicine - important technological trend that will improve the diagnosis of diseases and automate routine procedures, such as the analysis of X-rays and ultrasound data, as well as to optimize the logistics of patients in hospitals."

At the moment, the key point is the property and safety of the information. In this case, all the data collected in the big data array will depersonalize.

"If the data will be relatively expensive, a real opportunity to use not receive domestic startups, and foreign players in the field of artificial intelligence." - said a member of the Supervisory Board Association "National database of medical knowledge" Igor Gorbunov.

It is assumed that the main users of the new system could be insurance companies. Now they do not have direct access to health information, but the emergence of depersonalized system can change everything.

"Even if the patient is not against such access medsoobschestvo ignores its right to dispose of personal information about their health. But when the data is stored in the operator, a citizen has the right to give their analysis to build predictive models. "- said vice-president of the Russian Union of Insurers Maxim Danilov.

However, not only in this area will be useful big data. the huge amount of information of medical cases that can be handled by powerful AI algorithms that will systematize the medical data and, based on the latest technology to develop the treatment and diagnosis of diseases (as it is doing now IBM Watson). Making access to big data open, you can enable any doctor "ask for help" to the AI ​​and to improve not only their skills, but also the lives and health of patients.

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