It launched the largest project on decoding human DNA

More recently, in the pages of our site we wrote about the fact that in our DNA with you the number of genes was much greater than we previously thought. But experiments with the carrier of genetic information does not even think to end. For example, just the other day a group of US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has received funding from the government of the country in the amount of 28, 6 million dollars so the construction of genetic data centers. The project was called All of Us, and it is already being called the most ambitious project for the study of DNA in history.

It launched the largest project on decoding human DNA

The project All of Us, scientists plan to allocate sequenced and make the information on the DNA database of nearly 1 million people. At this point in the program signed up 110,000 people, 60,000 of which have already passed the first stage of preliminary data collection. Fence material and its study will be produced in the territory of the major universities in the US: Baylor College of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas, University of Washington and the University of Cambridge.

In the course of the study participants in the project participants do not simply provide their DNA for the study, but are surveys on health and lifestyle. But "word for" no one is going. Each person will have more time to pass a series of tests to identify any deviations and correlation of them with a set of genes, as well as provide information about the level of physical activity, fitness trackers, applications, smart watches and other gadgets. As stated by one of the directors of NIH, Francis Collins,

"The project" Human Genome "completed 15 years and now we are starting to at least large-scale event in which will gather a huge amount of genetic information. The new database will help improve not only the knowledge of our body, but also have a positive impact on the health of future generations. "

All collected data will be collected in a single database in anonymous form. In addition, each participant of the project will have access to information about their own genome. At stage 1 "individual cells" will contain information about the 59 genes associated with a number of serious diseases. In the future, this information will be supplemented. As the project manager of All of Us Eric Dishman,

"Our main task - to provide a variety of information. The program of All of Us involved representatives of various social groups, including those who had not participated in such experiments. "

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