Declared winners in the Nobel Prize in Medicine

The Nobel Prize is one of the most coveted awards for any scientist. Aside from the obvious recognition of the scientific community - it is also a very good cash reward. In addition, Nobel Prize winners often do not simply inscribe his name in the history of world science, but also provide a starting point for other studies, more to move forward the achievements of mankind. And just recently, the official Twitter account of the Nobel Committee called Winners in Physiology or Medicine Prize. They were James Ellison and Tasuka Honjo, and was awarded the prize for the development of a new method of cancer therapy.

Declared winners in the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Recall that a new way of dealing with cancer is the trigger mechanism in our immune system. During their research, researchers have studied the immune response to tumor development. James Ellison studied a special protein that can inhibit the immune system, and found that by neutralizing this protein can "whip up" the immune system to fight cancer cells. At the same time his colleague Tasuka Honjo found that the protein of interest is available in all immune cells. So, this discovery could serve as a starting point for creating new approaches to treatment. As secretary of the Nobel Committee for Medicine Thomas Perlman said,

"Dr. Honjo, judging by the conversation, was very pleased. It was hard to tell whether he was expecting the news. However, I got the impression that he was surprised and said that he is very happy that can split the prize with Dr. Ellison. From the very Dr. James Ellison I still could not be reached. Perhaps he already knows that he won the prize. "

It is also worth noting that the "Nobel Week" has only just begun, and ahead of us is still a lot of news on the subject. On October 2 announced the holder of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 3 October - in chemistry, 5 October award the Peace Prize, and we know the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics on 8 October.

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