What secrets hide Bitcoins frozen brain Hal Finney?

For many years, one of the developers of Bitcoin cryptocurrency Hal Finney believed it possible creator, who was hiding under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Some even suspected that Finney would be the owner of 700,000 Bitcoins who were namayneny in the early days of the protocol. Finney was ekstrapiantsem - of those who believe in the philosophy of futurology and prolong life. Moreover, the developer even exposed himself kriopreservatsii after death in the hope that future scientists will find a way to restore his mind and answer a series of questions relating to the early days of Bitcoin.

What secrets hide Bitcoins frozen brain Hal Finney?

In those days, when the software Bitcoin was launched for the first time, Finney - also known developer of PGP Corporation and Computer Science - received the first transaction in the Bitcoin. He also helped launch Satoshi network and Bitcoin worked on in the first year. The programmer has also collaborated with the creators of other software until you have learned the terrible diagnosis: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Some believed that Finney himself could be the creator of Bitcoin, simply did not disclose this.

Hal Finney: Frozen cryptogenic

In 2014, for example, Andy Greenberg, a well-known tehnozhurnalist of Wired wrote a story about why he believes that Finney would be Nakamoto, or at least was the person who was closely associated with the creator of Bitcoin. Others believe in the "group theory Satoshi Nakamoto", arguing that the extensive knowledge that Finney had a number of the very first coins were namayneny imply that Satoshi was more than one person. What is more interesting, in the future, scientists will have a chance to find bitkoinovye keys krisohranennyh "brain wallets" Finney.

What secrets hide Bitcoins frozen brain Hal Finney?

Petrified body and mind

Finney and his wife Fran have adopted the principles of futurism and followed ekstrapiantsev conviction. EXTROPY philosophy - it is an ideology, followed by people who are convinced that the company will continuously improve as a result of progress in science and technology. Individuals following this philosophy, imagine that people can ultimately achieve immortality by restoring their brains after death. Greenberg writes that Finney and his wife both agreed to cryopreservation long before he fell asleep.

Running bitcoin

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August 28, 2014, not long after Finney died, his body was taken to Alcor Life extension fund, is well known for its initiatives in the field of kriopreservatsii. Fluids pumped from the body and replaced Finney M-22 material. Cryoprotectant mixture is led to the process of solidification of the vitreous, which protects the embryos, sperm and blastocysts for years.

According Greenberg body Finney cooled to -195, 6 degrees Celsius, and then placed in an aluminum vat filled with liquid nitrogen. After they completed the cryoprotective perfusion, Alcor Foundation said that Finney would be "on the long-term preservation, which will take care of it until the day when they become possible restoration and resurrection." Finney was the 128th patient Alcor and its cryogenic process is paid for "life insurance and Bitcoins who sacrificed everyone," the company says.

Unlock "wallet in the brain"

Finney chose to retain his consciousness, because he believed that the restoration of the brain - a problem that engineers will be able to solve, at least not now, simply adjusting the code. Due Cryogenics, it has the opportunity to return after a few decades of cryptogenic and uncover the secrets of the nascent Bitcoin network. Finney brain can keep secrets about wealth Satoshi and data on the first namaynennyh Bitcoins. Futurologists, so to speak, those who believe in the philosophy of cryopreservation can be considered as bigots, cryogenics still relies on the fact that over time, technology improved.

What secrets hide Bitcoins frozen brain Hal Finney?

The scientific process of cryopreservation may allow future generations to unlock the "brain wallets" Hal Finney. Alcor Foundation and cryogenic scientists say that long-term memories are encoded in the brain and can carry a lot of physical and chemical changes over time. Cryonics lab says that the team uses a well-known process of biological research, which shows that memories can be preserved after cryopreservation process.

Bitkoinovye enthusiasts have long joked about the cryopreservation of Finney and the possibility that the frozen bitkoinovye keys also froze in his frozen brain. But the truth is, we do not know whether cryonics can preserve or allow to reveal at least some secrets Bitcoins. We can confidently say that the search for the mysterious Satoshi spawned a number of surprising theories.

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