The robot first appearance before the UK Parliament

Very soon, the next session of the British Parliament. And, apparently, than it can udivt? Even if there will be discussed quite important issues, it is unlikely it will interest fans of high technology and it will be interesting to someone other than political scientists. Today, however, it will be about not quite normal Deputies meeting. The fact that shortly before the British parliament for the first time a robot to perform in the world's history.

The robot first appearance before the UK Parliament

The press release of one of the committees of the Parliament of the United Kingdom said that he invited the robot named Pepper "answer questions" about the impact of AI in the labor market.

"Pepper is part of an international research project to develop the world's first cultural awareness robots designed to assist and care for the elderly. The Committee wants to hear the opinion of the robot on the work of the program and to find out what role the automation and robotics will play in the future. "

It sounds all so, as if the future is now, and we do not even notice, but in fact this is not true. Certainly, Pepper, as we know, can make speeches and to read the news, found on the Internet, but, as stated by one of MIT Technology Review interview researchers in The Verge,

"Pepper not able to argue. Modern robots are not smart enough to lead a full discussion, resulting in arguments. "

And this is true. As it became known, Pepper provide pre-programmed data and answers to written Middlesex University robotics researchers. As the press-secretary of the Parliament,

"The appearance of the robot will give the opportunity to explore the potential of new forms of interaction, as well as its limitations."

The aim of this event is to find out whether you can use robots with AI in the work and see if they can provide evidence, based on available information. Experts do not want to spend a demonstration of communication, and assess the potential of robotics for these purposes.

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