NASA will not change the schedule of the "Union" flight, despite the Russian rocket crash

Striking an accident is usually a reliable rocket "Soyuz" during a manned mission to the International Space Station earlier this week that almost ended in death of the astronauts, scared space community, but NASA administrator Jim Bridenstayn said he expects to launch a new crew in December by "Union" anyway.

NASA will not change the schedule of the

Responding to questions from reporters at the US Embassy in Moscow Bridenstayn noted that "not a failure, each mission is completed so successfully." Although a faulty rocket to the big success not claimed a draw life, accidental release system built into the missile, it worked as it should be.

NASA refuses to "Union"?

Nick Haig astronaut and cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin safely landed 400 kilometers from the launch site after the capsule separated by 90 seconds after the start and opened his parachute.

Although too early to talk about what went wrong, Bridenstayn confident enough in the "Union" and the team "Roskosmos" to look for a new crew capsule for the end of the year.

"I am absolutely sure that when we fly on a rocket" Soyuz "again, I will have no reason to change the schedule of departures," he says.

The next mission will take place in December, which means the current crew of three on board the ISS will not have to extend their stay (as some think), and the ISS will fly empty. The latter option is possible, because the ISS was designed with the ability to fly on their own, but if there are problems, the lack of someone inside may be subject to risk, and many experiments will also have to be interrupted.

Start system "Union" - only now able to send people into space. SpaceX and Boeing are working on their own alternatives, but they are still far from ready. "Soyuz" remain robust enough to take people into space.

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