Biomaterial-based fusion protein helps to heal wounds effectively

The regenerative capacity of the body is quite large and with a lot of injuries healing occurs with little or no damage, and the new tissue or else do not differ from the old or fairly well compensated by their function. However, the ability to heal itself is not unlimited, so you need to have in the arsenal of tools to help the body. A new word in wound healing can be a new hybrid protein healing.

Biomaterial-based fusion protein helps to heal wounds effectively

According to the magazine Nature Materials, it was previously thought that the proteins can exist only in a strictly ordered structures in order to perform its function. But in recent years, scientists are actively studying the so-called intrinsically disordered proteins. They can take very different shapes and still maintain the ability to perform a required function. One of these proteins in the body is elastin - structural element providing elasticity different tissues. It is on the basis of its experts and created a new protein, which combines areas with ordered and disordered structure.

During the study is a group of scientists from Duke University and Washington University in St. Louis. The uniqueness of the material is that when the "in vitro" it is liquid, but getting inside it solidifies, forming not only the protective layer, but also by helping the regeneration, creating a scaffold for sprouting of blood vessels and other cellular structures.

"We were curious to observe what types of materials we can create, experimenting with the composition of disordered proteins." - Stephen Roberts said, one of the authors of the article.

For the synthesis of artificial proteins used elastinopodobnye polypeptides that can change its state depending on ambient conditions. Adding protein fragments are ordered, the researchers were able to create hybrid compounds which have the structural stability of ordered proteins, but able to pass from the liquid to the solid state.

"The material is very stable after administration. He does not break and thus holds its shape very well, which is unusual for the material based on protein. Inside the material easily colonized by cells and in its place a new and viable tissue to heal even serious damage to the formation. "

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