Created composite material which can self-cooling at extreme temperatures

As the publication of Scientific Reports, a group of scientists from the University of Nottengemskogo (UK) currently is developing a unique material that can cool itself without any auxiliary elements. For the recognition of the authors, the new material can be used in almost any field, from medicine to treat burns and to the space industry, where it can be used to counteract the effects of the heat during re-entry.

Created composite material which can self-cooling at extreme temperatures

The unique properties of the composite material due to the fact that therein arranged microchannels with cooling fluid which reacts to the temperature increase.

"The main objective was to create a material to make it react to temperature changes as well, as does the human body." - said the author of Mark Olson.

The material itself is composed of 2 layers of organic glass. Both are "lined by" laser, so that they get "drawing" of the microscopic channels. This ensures the creation of beds for liquid circulation about the same as it happens in our body by means of a capillary net. In addition, the material is able to measure the temperature on the surface and cooled only in those places where it is needed at the moment.

"Nature uses a liquid in order to adjust the temperature. Our model repeats this pattern. This approach would create an entirely new type of materials capable of absorbing effectively the same as the solar radiation or exposure to high temperature level at the entrance to the atmosphere, and cooling the skin surface for burns. "

In addition, the authors of saying that removing heat can be used to generate energy. For example, hot liquid circulates, can transmit heat in special containers, where it can be converted into electrical energy, or any other.

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