"Tetris" was the best game to deal with stress

Computer game "Tetris" has already gained cult status and became the subject of numerous studies and experiments. Most recently, in early October, scientists from the University of Washington used the game to showcase BrainNet technologies to manage the figures with the power of thought. Emotion Magazine published the results of a new study that shows that the folding of different shapes allows you to quickly enter the state of flow and ease the tension in stressful situations.

A new study conducted at the University of California in Riverside psychologist Kate Sweeney. According to her, the state makes streaming easier to survive the stressful moments of life, as people are in it lose their sense of time and space and fully concentrate on the activity. The term was coined in 1975 by psychologist Michal Tsissentmihali, fascinated by artists who in the creative process even forgot to eat.

According to Kate Sweeney, "Tetris" is the best game to enter the flow through increasing complexity. Holding the attention and constant motivation to enhance the effect - the same feature also have mobile game Candy Crush, which plays even the Kate.

To prove the assertion, the researchers gave the play "Tetris" to graduates of law schools of California, waiting for exam results. The same was recommended to students applying for a job. In both cases, the subjects felt less anxiety, have so far been concentrated on the game. The third experiment was the most interesting. The researchers asked 290 students to complete a questionnaire and submit your own photos. They were told that their data will be transferred to the students from other universities to assess their attractiveness. Of course, this caused great concern, but the subjects were divided into three groups and were given three options to play "Tetris."

The first group played the regular version with gradually increasing complexity. The second was occupied easy option, where the figure fell so slowly that cause boredom. The third group went to "Tetris" with a rapidly falling figures, because of what the students are quickly lost. The survey showed that players in the regular version with increasing complexity quickly went into a state of flux and have experienced a minimum of stress.

Kate Sweeney noted that "Tetris" is not a panacea for all troubles, but he clearly has positive qualities. The game is available to virtually every person, so it is believed that it is - a good start to deal with stress.

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