British companies have chipped their employees

The British company BioTeq, engaged in the development of implantation technologies, decided to use their same products to mark their employees. According to The Guardian newspaper employees undergo implantation procedure in the hands of their RFID-chips. It is reported that BioTeq not the only company in the country, which is beginning to implement such practices.

British companies have chipped their employees

In a conversation with journalists The Guardian BioTeq founder Steven Northam said that in this way the company will be able to raise the level of internal security. Employees of the financial department and development department as long as desired (but perhaps in the future it will be required) proposed to implant in his hand RFID-tag, which will be held on a particular area of ​​the company. The cost of chips, and the implantation procedure can vary from 70 to 260 British pounds. Northam itself, as well as the entire Board of Directors, as well as the heads of its departments, were the first who were chipped.

In an interview with Northam added that BioTeq supplies such chips in Spain, France, Germany, Japan and China.

Another company, the Swedish Biohax, which we recently reported, shortly nachet offer in the UK a similar service. According to information published on Biohax official website, the company wants to open an office in London. It also says that to date of the implantation of chips provided services to more than 4,000 people, mostly Swedes. The chips are used to pay for public transport, as well as for access to their homes. The news caused a great response from human rights organizations of Great Britain, who say that the implantation of microchips in the organisms of the company's employees will enable the latter to penetrate even further into the personal lives of the people and endow them with a new tracking tool for your employees.

"Microchipping will head of the company even more power over their employees. There is definitely a higher risk, and employers should not ignore them, or to put pressure on their employees, so that they were similar to the procedure ", - say the defenders.

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