"In vitro meat" was approved in the US

Just on Friday, the US authorities have agreed on how to regulate the foods cultivated from animal cells. This paves the way for the so-called "test-tube meat" in American dishes. That and look, too, come to us, if history is cyclical. Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreed to jointly regulate the foods from cultured cells.

Although the technical details have yet to be finalized, FDA will monitor the collection and differentiation of cells - where stem cells develop into specialized cells - while the US Department of Agriculture will oversee the production and labeling of food products.

in vitro meat - in a plate

"This regulatory framework will be used as the experience of FDA, which regulates the technology of cell cultures and living biological systems, and the experience of the US Department of Agriculture in the regulation of meat and poultry products for human consumption," says the statement. Also added that the agency does not see a need to change legislation on these issues. In the US there are already several niche startups for the production of "lab meat", but the production costs are very high, and nobody has a product ready for sale.

Supporters of "test-tube meat" claim that getting rid of the animal suffering associated with slaughter, including the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions - and provide a growing population of protein.

It remains only to negotiate with the farmers on which products can be called "meat." We can expect that with the approval of the FDA, laboratory meat production technology will be supported in further distribution (after all that is not forbidden is allowed).

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