Scientists are developing a unique pain medication

In Morocco kaktusopodobnoe growing plant Euphorbia resinifera (resin spurge) which contains the active substance resiniferatoksin. By Scoville sharpness of this material is 16 billion units. For comparison, it is 10 000 times greater than that of "Karolinska reaper" - the most severe in the world pepper; in 45,000 sharper the sharpest Tabasco that uses habanero and 4, 5 million times sharper than a jalapeno.

Scientists are developing a unique pain medication

Euphorbia resinifera for food use in any case impossible. To be honest, it is not even worth watching, for security reasons, however, this toxicity makes it an invaluable plant. The fact is that on the basis resiniferatoksina can create a very effective pain reliever.

Scientists have found that if we introduce resiniferatoksin the body, it enters into reaction with TRPV1 molecule contained in the nerve endings that transmit pain sensations to the brain. As a result, in the nerve ending it opens a channel through which will pass the increased influx of calcium. Oversaturation of calcium leads to deactivate nerve responsible for the pain, but other sense is not disappear. In other words, the patient ceases to feel pain but able to feel even the lightest touch. However, before entering the drug required to enter the usual anesthetics, otherwise the consequences will be very sad, because the pain will be unbearable to deactivate nerve endings. In the study, researchers tested the effectiveness of the drug in dogs suffering from pain in the knee joints. Thanks to one such injection pain in animals disappeared for five months.

"The drug has been extremely effective and acted much longer than we expected. Typically, animal owners asked for a re-injection of five months. After using the drug animals who before limping begin to run and live without pain, "- commented Michael Iadarola from the US National Institutes of Health, is testing the drug.

The scientist explains that works like a very long anesthesia when injected into certain areas of the body substance. As it turned out, the drug is very effective and in the late stages of cancer. The researchers conducted an inspection not only in animals but also in humans who have had late-stage bone cancer.

"We have used the same technique as in the spinal anesthesia. That is, the injected substance is not in itself the spinal cord and the fluid surrounding it ", - says the anesthesiologist Andrew Mannes.

During the operation, the patients were under general anesthesia, and then for a time they were given a strong painkiller.

"As a result, after a few hours the pain goes away completely. People just stopped her feel "- adds the expert.

In this case, resiniferatoksin worked on the same principle as when administered in the knee joints. But because the drug was injected into the central nervous system, it has an effect on the entire body. The researchers note that an excessive increase in the effectiveness of the drug does not allow him to be used on an ongoing basis. The fact is that along with the pain of the patient ceases to feel the temperature change as "disabled" of TRPV1 molecules responsible for its perception. Since the drug is really completely removes any manifestation of pain, then combined with the remaining sensitivity it can cause injury because the patient simply does not get unpleasant sensations, if it decides to drink, for example, is too hot tea or accidentally touch a hot stove.

At the same time, the researchers said, resiniferotoksina advantage over the other strong painkillers is that it is not necessary to use often, it is not addictive and works locally, ie only in the place where it was introduced. Thus, in the future, this substance can be a real alternative to all opioids, which are typically used for severe diseases.

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