For the PlayStation 4 is the first game developed in the technology blokcheyn

blokcheyn technology has become known primarily due cryptocurrency because of its reliability and high security. However blokcheyn can be applied not only at kriptovalyutnyh operations. It has been repeatedly stated that it can be used in a variety of areas, including cyber security, and bank transfers. And soon blokcheyn may be useful in the gaming industry, as early as next year comes the first video game for the PlayStation 4, based on this technology.

For the PlayStation 4 is the first game developed in the technology blokcheyn

The new game is called Plague Hunters, and is responsible for the development studio Arcade Distillery. Plague Hunters - is a single-player turn-based RPG with PvP elements (player vs. player). Is a continuation of Plague Road, published in 2017. The game will be distributed by the model free-to-play and it is here and it is useful blokcheyn.

In-market items and characters are tied to Ethereum network for the exchange and purchase of weapons, equipment and other game items. The developers claim that the players not necessarily be aware of kriptovalyutnogo market and prices on the Ethereum. It is used to ensure the security and transparency of transactions. This is an important step, because attempts to develop a console game that uses blokcheyn, made before, but Plague Hunters - this is the first time a project has passed all the necessary quality control steps at large platformoderzhatelya. This means that in the future may appear, and the "big" game using advanced technology.

At the moment, the game's release zaplanrovan in Q1 of next 2019, and among the major platforms are stated as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC, on which the game will be released later. Teaser of the future project, you can see the video, available below.

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