Presented the world's first standard for drones

The first global standards for the drones were presented today. They are designed to comply with that aircraft are safe, and operators could be held liable. Engaged in the development of standards the International Organization for Standardization (IOS). Outline standards for operations with drones, which are available all comers, will be available until January 21, 2019. That same year, the standards will be adopted everywhere.

Presented the world's first standard for drones

As stated in the document?

Standardization drones

In principle, the standards it is difficult to disagree. Those standards require that "no fly zones" to ensure a sufficient distance from the airports or other sensitive places. The document proposes geozaschity technology to stop flights in the restricted areas. It is also reported that the need to observe the Rules, training and maintenance. There are rules that allow operators to comply with the privacy and data protection. What is important, also it says that the infallible means of human intervention is required for all flights of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned operators prosecuted. Why do it? Agreement with a consistent set of industry rules will encourage more organizations to adopt unmanned technologies, thanks to deeper guarantees the security and resiliency. Currently, half of the incidents involving air traffic includes the participation of unmanned drones. Standards are needed to improve virtually any industry.

This set of standards will be the first of the four, involving unmanned drones. The following three sets of standards will go into the technical specification, build quality and traffic management.

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