What happens if you swallow the head man LEGO?

You will not believe, knowing what sometimes by scientists. This time they decided to find out how long it takes for the pieces of LEGO construction to pass through the digestive tract of an adult. In the end, LEGO play boys and girls older than thirty. A group of researchers from several medical institutions in Australia and the UK published the results of their research in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, and also explained the reasons for conducting such a study. Well, let's'll move down the digestive tract.

What happens if you swallow the head man LEGO?

Most parents know that, despite all efforts, the children often swallow inedible objects, which later turn out in their faeces. Children often swallow the coin - and right behind them are small toys. Parents often ask doctors how long the toy should come out. The question, of course, reasonable, because if the child can not get rid of a foreign body, it can cause problems. Therefore, the researchers decided to conduct an experiment, how long it takes a small toy (in this case the head of the LEGO), to pass through the digestive tract of an adult. For obvious reasons, the children were not used in the study.

After a time out swallowed a toy?

In the experiments, six adults (three men, three women) working in the field of pediatrics, agreed to swallow the LEGO head, and then sift through each subsequent eruption of the intestine until they find a tiny toy. The researchers also asked them to write down their observations - it was interesting to find out how the toy can affect the digestion process in the way.

In the end it turned out that the transit of toys on the human body takes from 1, 14 to 3, 04 days - an average of 1, 71 days. While one person said that despite serious efforts, he never found his head in his chair. Perhaps he simply missed, or head man will forever remain in his gut.

Scientists recognize that it is not sure whether the results are similar for the kids, and also referred to the impossibility of carrying out the study "blind" when volunteers do not know what they are fed, and what is beyond.

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