NASA will broadcast the probe landing on an asteroid in the air

No sooner had the lander InSight rest of his landing on the Red Planet, NASA is already preparing for another exciting weekend. Spacecraft Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx, for short) is close to the asteroid Bennu, and NASA will broadcast the meeting live. Needless probe rendezvous with an asteroid will be held at Monday, December 3. The broadcast will be carried out from the control center mission OSIRIS-REx, so that we will be able to see all the engineers, the spacecraft monitor the status.

NASA will broadcast the probe landing on an asteroid in the air

The spacecraft toward its goal in September 2016.

"Osiris-Rex" will sit on Bennu

The purpose of the device - to land on a space pebble and do his research, and NASA's, of course, delighted to think that the device could find. But before that happens, scientists must first choose a place to land, so that OSIRIS-REx have the greatest chance of success. After all the necessary measurements, the lander will leave the asteroid and the Earth will go with the sample material from Benn. "The spacecraft will spend almost a year to study the asteroid with five scientific instruments to choose a place that would be the safest and most interesting from the point of view of science for the collection of samples", explains NASA's. "OSIRIS-REx will return the samples to Earth in September 2023".

Details about the live NASA broadcast, which will last about half an hour, as well as the mission itself, you are sure to find on our website, so please check back often. Half an hour will be enough to NASA could confirm the safe landing of the probe. It is unknown, however, what kind of information do we, as viewers, we can get to the asteroid Bennu.

The InSight, for example, made a cool selfie on Mars.

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