How to get rich on mobile photography?

If you are photographing a lot on your smartphone, you will be able to earn some money. It sounds a bit of advertising, but it is real. Just need to upload photos to one or more photostocks. We made a small selection and are ready to share it.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

First of all, it is worth remembering that for photostocks not always need perfect pictures. Many believe that without treatment to the point where a snapshot of losing all the original features of the picture will not sell. In fact it is not. Each customer will decorate and process the picture as he wants.

Now many people do not even spend photostocks entrance exam, as it was before. If the exam is still there, then it is often a very formal and gives up very easily.

For even more convenience with the trading platforms, even special applications are provided, allowing to upload photos directly from the device, both in the social network.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

promises that photostocks will bring you a lot of money at once, we will not. Of course, this is not so, but try to sell a couple of photos for a few dollars or tens of dollars is quite possible, even with a minimal set of skills and equipment. And there, as they say, who knows ...

Perhaps this is all the basic items that should be of interest to you in the use of such sites. If you are interested, here are some examples photostocks, some of which we use ourselves as amended.

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Probably the most popular and have more respect for the audience Stock Photo: is, having also Russified version of the site.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

Shutterstock is the largest international platform in existence since 2003 and offers photos, vector images, videos and even music.

Entrance exam involves the provision of 10 works. If the service will take at least one of them, it will be deemed to have passed the exam you. For further work you will need to provide a scan of the passport (a passport can be) and to adhere to the requirements for the photos, which can be called minimal. However, it is worth noting that if the photographs there are some people you need their consent to the arrangement. However, this rule is the standard for most photostocks.

The downside of the Image Bank is that it offers a subscription images are very cheap. Under such conditions, budding author to break enough difficult. But Shutterstock is probably the record for the number of photos sold.


Another no less popular microstock will, which appeared in 2004 and is mainly European, but with the support not only of Russian, but also the prices in rubles on the site.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

This photo stock is optimal for a beginner, since it does not imply the entrance exam and does not require a scan of the passport. Plus, the requirements for the quality of the material is not strict.

For sale single image author receives 60% of the cost, and sale by subscription from one to two dollars. Not much, but even that is more than nothing. In addition, each purchase means that you made a photo, which is not ashamed to show millions of eyes.


If you do not confuse the exams and you are ready to share passport data, as is the case with, you can go up another photo stock, whose name is heard even those who are not engaged in a photo -

How to get rich on mobile photography?

The project started in 2009 and is significantly younger than the previous two examples. It is based Ukrainian businessman, it is partly making it more logical and understandable.

The minimum requirement for the resolution of the photos is less than 4 megapixels. Few shoots in a lower resolution. Therefore, before downloading you even have the ability to crop your images if you want to hide them any details.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

For buyers on the site has the price display in rubles, and authors receive different awards for achieving a certain number of downloads. These awards are expressed in raising the rating of the author.


Times already talking about young photostocks, not to mention the oldest or at least, one of the oldest. They is, founded in 2000, when the Internet was still very young.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

Here, too, there is an exam at the same time, it implies three works for each type of content. There are many options for content. A choice of photographs, illustrations, video and audio.

If you have something to download, you can try to pass the exam, but if you are not willing to provide the documents, then this option is not for you. they need here.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

For a beginner, perhaps this will be harder to previous photo stock, but, in general, the requirements it has enough humane, and match them with the right level of desire is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Photogenica Collection

Last photo stock today is entirely Russian with all the ensuing consequences. The advantages include the work in accordance with the Russian legislation, customer support in Russian, fully russifitsirovat site and the usual methods of payment and receipt of money.

How to get rich on mobile photography?

There are also disadvantages. Chief among them is that the sale is carried out mainly in Russia. This could slightly reduce the volume of sales and lead to more competition, as we all know that Russia is not particularly love to buy what you can find for free.

Requirements to images many authors, but they are all quite doable. Say more, if the photo is just a good, but not smeared porridge of light sources, taken in the fall, it is likely to be adopted.

How to get rich on mobile photography?


As you can see, the options are many. In fact, we are not called, and the tenth part of the existing photo banks. The above are the main and allow start selling photos, even if they are made on a smartphone. Of course, this smartphone should be good. For example, if you bought a ZTE Axon 9 Pro, you like the photos, which he does, and you want to test yourself, then you direct road to photostocks. If you still think that you can not sell their photos and to do this it is not necessary, it is necessary to bring the final argument.

Even before the advent of the Internet newspaper editors realized that the materials for publication easier to choose from ready-made libraries than to invite a special photographer who asks a lot of money for their work.

The same scheme works now, just the library are electronic and went into the network, and good photos are now needed considerably more people. By the editors of the newspapers added admins sites, advertisers, artists, designers and many other professionals, whose life is connected with the images.

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