Scientists from NASA have assumed that we already could attend aliens. But not all so simple

Recently in the network has information that literally blew up the Internet. NASA researcher Silvano Colombano has published a document entitled "New Assumptions to Guide SETI Research". The report contains some very controversial statements, but the media resources are all as one began to repeat: "Scientists at NASA say that the Earth could be visited by aliens"; "Tiny aliens could visit the earth." But, what is really said a specialist from NASA? Let's investigate.

Scientists from NASA have assumed that we already could attend aliens. But not all so simple

To begin with, that Colombano, who works in the department of space agency NASA intelligent systems really allows that aliens could already visit the earth. But in fact, he published document is the latest analysis of the Fermi paradox. In other words, scientists have wondered where all the aliens?

If we talk in terms of scale, in space should be plenty of places where they could live complex and intelligent forms of life - the Universe is infinitely huge. If we talk numbers, then, for example, within a single program only "Kepler," scientists have found 3848 confirmed planets. Among them are the candidates who are in the system, whose age is about 11, 2 billion years. The age of our own Solar System - about 4, 5 billion years. In other words, it is likely that at least one of these very ancient systems have Earth-like planets, whose age of 6 billion years more than that of our Earth.

Let's imagine what could be life on this planet. Predetermining factor in this matter, according to Colombano, will play a time (in this case 6 billion years). He points to the fact that the technological evolution in the world is happening to such a pace that we can not predict what will be expected of mankind during the next thousand years, not to mention the 6 billion years. Colombano Conclusion: our idea of ​​where there may be aliens and what technologies can play a major role in their detection is based on the four misconceptions. And to overcome these misconceptions will help us finally find extraterrestrials. Brief description of these misconceptions is presented below.

Interstellar travel is impossible or extremely unlikely

When it comes to how far we can travel in the universe, then the answer to this question will be biased for several reasons. And the main is the limitations of our technology and our understanding of physical laws at the current time. The farthest, which was able to reach people - is to fly around the Moon in 70 years. We do not have the technology to travel faster than the speed of light. We do not even have the nuclear space propulsion. Until.

However, aliens have these technologies already may have. Therefore, obvious to us will find such things as giant spacecraft with ion engines that can fly past Earth. Colombano insists that our resource constraints and imagination should not dictate our understanding of how space can be controlled / energy and space / time.

The radio waves are and will be the main form of communication for thousands and millions of years

Until we find a way to travel through space faster than the speed of light, so try to look for intelligent life, relying on techniques that allow us to communicate at very long distances. This aspect is one of the reasons why SETI (search for extraterrestrial civilizations Institute) continues to search for radio waves from space.

Even if radio waves as a way of communication, there will be in the distant future (or they are technologically advanced aliens), then most likely they will be able to carry much more information than the transfer method now finds Colombano. In other words, the "current, we" just can not define them - to separate the present communication, on the "background noise". According to the scientist, this form of communication in the future could become obsolete. More advanced civilization, most likely, will choose other modes of communication over long distances, the ones that we have not even able to imagine.

Reasonable civilization will be based on a carbon form

According to the authors, this is one of the major misconceptions. We have long relied on our view of what life in the universe is based on certain components, without which it will not be possible. We just stubbornly ignore the likelihood that in the universe there may be very different forms of life. Our ecosystem is based on carbon, says Colombano, may be just a tiny first step in the continuing evolution in the course of which may appear intelligent life forms, many times superior to us and at the same time have (or had, in principle) is not based on carbon.

Very convenient to assume that all life in the universe could appear in situations similar to the one in which there was our life in the solar system. But the probability that the evolution of each organism will take place in the same way and follow the same rules - is unlikely. On this basis, our interest and efforts to search for life should go beyond the so-called habitable zones of stars. It is difficult to imagine how it will look like life forms that live in such conditions, how they will behave, and what or communication methods will be used, but they are not exactly like us. Even remotely.

In fact, the above aspect can affect everything else in the presented list. For example, the same technologically advanced civilization not based on carbon, can have access to interstellar travel, because not be shackled by the restrictions that we ourselves possess, for example, life expectancy or the physical dimensions.

We did not attend and do not attend

When searching for extraterrestrial life, said Colombano, largely ignored the potential relevance of the UFO phenomena, mainly due to the fact that the bulk of these messages really is "a fake", and among the public there is a clear lack of interest and skepticism in relation to these events. But instead of such a position, according to experts, scientists must focus on finding the real "signals" among all this "noise".

The bulk of "noise" in the reports of UFOs can hide and let it be a small but real "signals" pointing to phenomena that can not be explained, and therefore, they should not be ignored. If we are able to agree and adopt a new set of assumptions about what forms of higher intelligence or technology, we may find some of these phenomena may be suitable as specific examples of these assumptions, or at least encourage a deeper analysis and investigation.

What should be changed to deal headway?

Colombano are a few suggestions that will enable a more "aggressive" approach to the search for extraterrestrial life within the same program SETI.

First, physicists should pay more attention to "speculative physics" - is still based on real theories and evidence base, but allows you to expand the boundaries of our understanding of space, time and energy. At the same time, scientists should be more actively involved in technical experts to those questions explored prospects for the development of various technologies, especially those related to artificial intelligence, as well as questions that explore the relationship between man and machine. In addition, support and discussion should involve social scientists, which could, if not explain, or at least imagine what society would arise in such a technologically advanced civilizations, and what means of communication these societies might enjoy. Last but not least is to pay more attention to the UFO phenomenon is indeed worthy of study in the context of a low ratio of "signal / noise". What of all this can be concluded? All things considered - including the fact that life in space can take quite unfamiliar to us form - we are once again confronted with new questions. As new approaches, ideas and perceptions of various probabilities will assist us in establishing contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, very different from the ones we had imagined eternity? In this we also have to understand, because it is another obstacle to our discoveries.

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