5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Now more and more motorists installed in their cars DVRs - unpleasant situations on the road a lot, besides, it's a great way to prove his innocence at a controversial car accident. However, in these little accessories who knows: choosing the cheapest that just works and records video. And then wonder why at night shooting can not see anything.

5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Another category of motorists using these Android-smartphone purposes. Yes, Google Play, and even the App Store is full of apps that turn your mobile device into a recorder, but without the necessary optics, and memory cards decent amount of sense from it will not. There are at least 5 reasons that the smartphone can not replace a full-featured video recorder.

The quality of shooting

Whatever good may be the smartphone's camera, it is still inferior to the quality of shooting professional photographic technique. Yes, some manage to do the really good shots, but when it comes to long-term recording video (especially at night), the smartphone becomes the best tool. Even 1080p video will not be the same as in special equipment, and if the shoot in 4K, free space on the device ends after 10-15 minutes shooting.

Smartphone - it's a phone

And if you call someone, you do not get to use your smartphone as a DVR. You have to remove it from the base (or activate the hands free), and during this time on the road anything can happen. Therefore, we must not forget that the mobile phone was first created, and then later it was turned into a smartphone, equipped with additional functions.

Navigator or recorder?

Use your smartphone as a navigator at the same time and the DVR is almost impossible. But it is much more convenient to open the phone card and not keep constantly running the camera, especially if you are going on a long trip. No wonder market devices that combine the functionality of a DVR and navigator, almost deserted because rotate the screen so that it is convenient to the driver, and thus the right to direct the lens - it is impossible. Yet DVR is one of those devices that must be purchased separately.

The memory is finite

This applies to any device, including DVR. That's just in case your smartphone to record your journeys will be added several gigabytes of music (this is if you are a music lover), a couple of tens of gigabytes of photos and ... free space simply does not remain. But you want to use it for more useful purposes than storing videos from the road.

Applications will not help

5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR 5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Most applications "radar detector-recorder" in the App Store and Google Play does not provide the stated functionality. They can warn of cameras and road events, but they can also easily complete the shooting, without saying anything about it. Reliance on third-party software, created for the operating system, in this case it is not necessary.

Therefore, the beloved smartphone, you need to buy at least a professional DVR - for example, one of the models from Datakam (Datacom). But if you choose the phone is quite easy, as judge of the question, what about the DVR? In the market many solutions with a price tag of 700 to 40 000 rubles. What is surprising popularity among motorists are more expensive recorders, and the reasons for this are (better to buy a stable working arrangement than the "buggy" counterfeiting from China). What are the advantages of video recorders Datacom? Firstly, in its devices, the company uses the Japanese Sony matrix, lenses with high aperture ratio and a powerful customizable Ambarella processor, which allows to increase the bit rate recording. Flare and glare from the different images are cleaned using special lens hood filter. And sure enough memory - possibility to install two TF card (256 GB) with cyclic overwriting.

What is the model of DVR choose?

The same Datacom offers several options - from inexpensive Datakam G5 with the possibility of recording in Full HD and Datakam DUO with two cameras to Datakam 6, which is able to shoot video in Super HD (2304 x 1296) with a bit rate up to 35 Mbit / s. All models are equipped with hood filter, while Datakam DUO it is on both the front and rear camera.

5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Each model is equipped with a lens of 6 glass lens + IR filter and increased aperture ratio F / 1.6, a shell Datacom, a database of the CIS and European chambers and firm attachment. The devices not only warn about speed cameras, "speed bumps" and w / d crossings, but also to other objects on the road. The main differences lie in the matrices used and the processor: Datakam 6 and Datakam DUO equipped with a more powerful processor Ambarella A7, which is modified by specialists and Datacom Sony Exmor matrix (MP 2).

5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR 5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR 5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Thus, they have improved viewing angle of 160 degrees. No wonder they are very well written night trip.

5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Complete with DVR manufacturer delivers brand holder with two neodymium magnets with fastening by means of suction cups or adhesive tape 3M. This allows you to quickly remove and install the DVR, as well as change its angle of view. Wire length, so it can be neatly lay under the car's skin, and a small battery charger with USB-connector. And if the DVR is not in use, it can be placed in a special bag for storage that comes in the kit. More useful information can be found on YouTube-channel producer.

5 Reasons Why a smartphone will never DVR

Of course, this is not the cheapest solution on the market, but in all cases the price is justified DVR capabilities. And the design and feature set, and shooting - all at the highest level. By the way, if the registrar that you do not like it, Datacom will return the money after buying the DVR for 2 months.